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recommended books

Explore our awesome reading list for actors' craft and career!

Here's some must-read books on character development, improvisation, auditions, and industry insights.

Patrick Tucker

Secrets of Screen Acting

Secrets of Screen Acting, published in 1993, revolutionized screen acting by explaining its unique differences from stage acting. It covers altered reaction time, reimagined physical timing and placement.

Andy Nyman

The Golden Rules of Acting: That Nobody Ever Tells You

A must-read for actors. It reminds us why we're so passionate about this profession.

Packed with practical wisdom, it delivers with a playful flair and a whole lot of respect.

Probably, it's the most important book on acting I've ever come across. Keep it by your bedside!

Jeremy Kruse

The Young Actor's Handbook (Applause Acting Series)

The Young Actor's Handbook is a valuable resource for novice actors, covering script analysis, audition mindset, agents, and the actor's life.

It combines teachings from Boleslavsky, Meisner, Hagen, and Strasberg in a digestible format for beginners. It's useful for filmmakers and acting teachers.

Frank Catalano


Perfect for actors and performing arts students assigned a monologue in class. It provides guidance on choosing the right monologue and tips for presentation within the class. It includes 80 original short monologues for practice and performance.

Howard Kissel

Stella Adler: The Art of Acting

Stella Adler, an iconic figure of the 20th Century, is widely regarded as one of America's most important acting teachers.

With a career spanning New York and Hollywood, she imparted her vast knowledge to actors like Marlon Brando, Warren Beatty, and Robert De Niro.

"Acting is the art of breathing life into the dreams of others,
while discovering the depths of your own."
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