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how to master
(ONLINE via zoom)
th FEBRUARY 2024

Find the keys to audition success in 'How to Master Auditions,' a dynamic online workshop designed for actors. Gain invaluable insights to refine your performance, boost confidence, and strategically enhance your chances of securing coveted roles. Uncover the secrets to standing out and making a lasting impression in the competitive landscape of acting."


Sarah-Lee Jones, a seasoned Casting Producer and Talent Agent, serves as the Head of Sirius Casting Agency, drawing from her extensive background as an Executive Producer at Future Artists.

Nigel Martin Davey a trained actor and went onto appear in numerous television dramas and feature films. He went behind the camera in 2005 and has produced many award winning films, most of his projects deal with true life stories.

O Bar, 264, Broad Street, Birmingham, B1 2DS

04 MARCH 2024

The Producers’s Forum has launched its 60 Second Cinema filmmaking contest.
And there’s an opportunity for actors to be involved.
Filmmakers who sign up to the contest will be given a remit and 3 weeks to make a film that is less than 60 second long.
The films are undoubtedly going to need awesome actors such as you!


On 1st April (no joke) we’ll screen the films at our meet up and the winner will be voted for by the audience on the night.
The winning filmmaker will receive £100 cash prize and of course the honour of being the first 60 Second Cinema winner.
If you don’t want to be involved in the films, you’re still welcome to come along and meet the other films makers who come to the monthly meet up event.
We’d love to see you there.

Navigating THE Acting Business
31 MARCH 2024

This workshop is a practical guide for aspiring actors, exploring visa requirements, contract insights, financial management, and legal considerations.

Led by industry professionals and legal experts, it provides a clear roadmap for navigating the competitive landscape.


Join fellow actors, casting directors, and industry professionals for an evening of meaningful connections and opportunities. Whether you're a seasoned actor or just starting, this event provides a dynamic platform to expand your network, share experiences, and forge collaborations. 


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December 2023 self-tape masterclass 

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